Thursday, 16 April 2009

Getting a freak on Giles Deacon

So Giles Deacon was all: I just got a little bored of seeing the same girls in every single show. Once they have had their hair and make-up done, they all start to look the same. I really wanted a diversity of type. Seeing your collection presented on regular people, people with character, it kind of amplifies what you are trying to say. I just really like girls that have a little bit more. With character
in a Ponystep interview, and I was all; wow, how contemporary, how innovative, how refreshing, let me take a look see at these regular people, let me find a common ground at last with those privileged few who get to walk the fashion front-line...then I see this...

Giles Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear

Oh no Giles, no no no no. I like you, I do. I like those Pacman hat things you enjoy so much, in fact I think your Pacman game is way strong, I also very much like the grey shiny mac of A/W '09, I love Jessica Stam in anything etc., but you seem to have confused 'regular' with 'quite masculine looking actually' and 'character' with 'um, completely covered in prison tattoos'. Plus she's like the ONLY one of these 'regulars', call me a critic, or a wannabe 'regular person' model for a day, but this does not a demographic make. So when are you free for me to do the fitting for your next show? 

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