Saturday, 18 April 2009

If the shorts fit

Buy my wardrobe pulled a pretty random crowd, I sauntered along at around 2 reckoning I'd have quite the queueing experience ahead of me, turns out purchasing a ticket online paid off and I was in quicker than you can say Eley Kishimoto. Downstairs in the confines of an ambiguous members club was a room for vintage, where I tried on a Richard Nicoll top whose £35 price tag weirdly didn't help it fit over my head. And a room for, well, not vintage. I'm not really sure what the difference was, as they both went by the same concept, that is, fashionistas flogging their wardrobe cast-off, I guess the 'other' rooms' garbs were a little less retro and definitely featured more designer labels. As I say the crowd was quite the pick'n'mix, I suppose missing (and when I say missing I mean not paying £20 for the ticket) the VIP time slot, meant missing any of the fashion posse that may have been in attendance but there were a couple still floating about by the time I rocked up, as well as a suspicious amount of foreign folk, Americans etc, how visitors to our isles find out about these kinds of events is beyond me. But there they were, and there I was, browsing the rails of stylists and editors alike.

To be honest, it's an odd experience perusing someone else's closet contents with them right there, I mean I patronise vintage stores as much as your next um..girl, but it an entirely different experience when the owner of said vintage is like, right there, watching you. The idea of knowing, for example, who the previous owners of my latest vintage levi 501's is frankly a little unnerving. So I just kind of avoided their eye contact, and sifted through their clothes with the air of a theif at night. hmmm.

My fave wardrobe rejects came from Louika Hay's rail, hers are those Richard Nicoll shorts in which my initail elation at fitting into sample size shorts was fast extinguished by the fact that they looked like an actual nappy on me. She was also casting off a cute Comme des Garcon polka dot tee and a pretty little Mattthew Williamson dress. 

Below are a couple of bit, including Sugarlands' leather panel leggings which, at risk of sounding big-headed, wanted me badly. 

Eley Kishimoto Jacket - £can't remember
If found please return to Nahid De Belgeonner (owner of good vibes)

Richard Nicoll Shorts - £60
If found please return to Louika Hay (fashion Designer)

Isabel Marant Dress - £50
If found please return to Sophie Olliver (fashionista)

Belle Sauvage Leggings - £75
If found please return to Sugarland (boutique)

Laura Ashley red&white striped shirt - £10


  1. Did you buy any of these beautiful clothes. Please tell me you parted with the extortionate yet extremely worth it £75 for the leather leggings?!

  2. also did you buy the white dress for the wedding? and look I'm commenting on your blogging. Like a cool kid.

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