Thursday, 16 April 2009

A little piece of flesh

I love summer. I love not having to layer (susie bubble has a knack for it that I will never be able to master). And I love the new high-midriff. Its all thanks to the return of underwear as actual wear (bra tops etc), and the new crop tee's that are all up in my face, makin' me wanna take a pair of pinking shears to every decent length top I own and render it suddenly without it's lower half (I tried it already...with a didn't work).  Thankfully the raised top hems have not ousted the high waistlines and we are left with the inevitable and  sweet as pie, rib-exposing midriff. Hmm, I like.

The potential indecency that these fan-dangled new tops presents can be avoided by a simple matter of ratio and bellybuttons. i.e. keep the ratio small by covering up to your belly button. Done. Plus there is so much less fat on that part of the torso so the likelihood of people being offended by your bare flesh is like halved compared to the risk entailed in the midriff of old. No unattractive overhang here me thinks. And whenever I'm feeling a bit exposed I just layer a crop top over some mesh, and suddenly I'm combining two of my new favourite things in one outfit (sheer stuff is the exception to my layering phobia obvs). Some kinda genius here. 

Sophia Kokosalaki S/S '09

Alexander Wang S/S '09 - My fave. yes please. thank you.

Chloe S/S '09

Prada S/S '09 - too far, too, too far

Opening Ceremony Spring '09

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