Thursday, 7 January 2010

for Nina Bambina

for my favourite chanel intern. You make me look good baby.

It's astonishing how much more one can see with four eyes

Charlie and I got each other glasses for Christmas. Life is better with glasses. Or clearer at least, and more intelligent looking.

Sick with Aaron Feaver

This is a Fujifilm Instax photo of a Ferris Wheel in the fog.
Charlie introduced me to Feaverish Photography Blog. It's pretty addictive. This is one of Aaron's own, a precedent for his excellent taste in others. yum.

Black-washed Brilli-ance

nb_medals4-L.jpg image by alive_in85

What is colour to Natalia Brilli? She doesn't wanna know man. She doesn't even want to talk about it. Just to be safe, it's probably better if you don't even mention colour around this chick. If you do, there's a certain risk that she will paint you black and make your head into a bag. And if she does...I want that bag.

What this Watson

Some say Emma Watson should not be a model. Some say she is too short. Some say she is not diverse enough. Some say she is just an actress, a bad actress and Burberry are clearly using her for her fame and she is using her fame to get into christopher bailey's pocket. Christopher Bailey however, says 'fuck it. c'mon Emma, I've got a new season to campaign for what are you waiting for...? Wait who's this guy you're hanging out with? He's your brother? Well shoot, lets chuck him in the campaign and all, the more the merrier eh?!'

I'm just saying...

mourning kates youth

Clearly I appreciate how hot Kate looks on what will be the new cover of French Vogue but she'll never be that fresh faced peach ever ever again. And that's kinda sad non?

Karlie makes antm girls look like mugs