Saturday, 20 February 2010


Assisted Annabel and Chloe on Julien J Smith (last 4 photos) and Holly Fulton (top 10 pictures) shows today at Victoria House and Somerset House. Was pretty busy, spent most of the day chasing up some pretty tardy models. Holly's was way crazier than Julien's but both went swimmingly. I want studded Louboutin high-tops. I want Holly's printed maxi dress. I want orange lips and I want grey and pink nails. Thanks.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

for Nina Bambina

for my favourite chanel intern. You make me look good baby.

It's astonishing how much more one can see with four eyes

Charlie and I got each other glasses for Christmas. Life is better with glasses. Or clearer at least, and more intelligent looking.

Sick with Aaron Feaver

This is a Fujifilm Instax photo of a Ferris Wheel in the fog.
Charlie introduced me to Feaverish Photography Blog. It's pretty addictive. This is one of Aaron's own, a precedent for his excellent taste in others. yum.

Black-washed Brilli-ance

nb_medals4-L.jpg image by alive_in85

What is colour to Natalia Brilli? She doesn't wanna know man. She doesn't even want to talk about it. Just to be safe, it's probably better if you don't even mention colour around this chick. If you do, there's a certain risk that she will paint you black and make your head into a bag. And if she does...I want that bag.

What this Watson

Some say Emma Watson should not be a model. Some say she is too short. Some say she is not diverse enough. Some say she is just an actress, a bad actress and Burberry are clearly using her for her fame and she is using her fame to get into christopher bailey's pocket. Christopher Bailey however, says 'fuck it. c'mon Emma, I've got a new season to campaign for what are you waiting for...? Wait who's this guy you're hanging out with? He's your brother? Well shoot, lets chuck him in the campaign and all, the more the merrier eh?!'

I'm just saying...

mourning kates youth

Clearly I appreciate how hot Kate looks on what will be the new cover of French Vogue but she'll never be that fresh faced peach ever ever again. And that's kinda sad non?

Karlie makes antm girls look like mugs

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Not at all slackkk

my my. Gemma Slacks ss10 collection has me all a quiver, with her usual focus on the fetish, hard edged leather, Slack injects an element of the superhero with her high waisted, shorts that are allll about the legs. Not to mention all the metal plating, putting a bit of an armoury spin on the whole thing. So when a couple of Gemma's Gems dropped into Tank for a shoot I had to share.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

oh my god

Tank ladies have started a blog - and they've done and put me on it...init...


Interns make the magazine world go round and ours are particularly amazing. So we thought we’d give some credit where it’s due and tell you a bit about them.

So we’ll start with Niamh. She is sort of Queen Bee of the interns. We love her because she has huge bangs, purple lipstick and this sort of weird Irish/ west country accent that makes everything sound way funny. Aside from which she’s just so goood.

In terms of fashion, what turns your head?Great trousers, a strong eyebrow and playing with proportions.

In your opinion what makes someone stylish?Confidence and effortlessness… or at least the appearance of it.I think its important to test your own comfort levels with what you wear, it helps your style grow with you.

Do you have a favourite collection for Spring 2010?Alexander McQueen for the shoes and the hair, Miu Miu for the adorable prints and Louise Goldin for stuff I want.

Shoes or Bags?Shoesss

What is your favourite beauty product?MAC Ruby Woo lipstick

What/who inspires you?My friends, blogs - especially of the street style variety, shiny new fashion magazines.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Goldin's girl

Louise Goldin s/s10

I went to Brighton this weekend and realised that, aside from one jumper, every one of the 6 tops I'd packed were cropped. If that wasn't already pretty ridiculous, when I went out on the Saturday night I borrowed my friends top which was, needless to say, cropped. I think I may have a problem. And miss Louise Goldin is not helping my little problem with these cute-as-cute-pie cropped knitwear jumpers.

A hole where my heart used to be

Luella s/s10
Louise Gray s/s10

I can just sense my clothes cowering at the back of my closet. They've seen Luella and Louise Gray's spring/summer 2010 collections and they are living in grave fear of having heart shaped holes cut in them. I'm not gonna lie though, they have every reason to be scared...yum.

Friday, 9 October 2009


Just found out Karli is like sixteen years old. ker-razy. Nabbed this photo from jakandjil, that's right, this isn't even's just how she looks...


No words necessary.

Ashley Isham - urm

This and the jc/dc show were the only ones I saw, and above are the only nice pieces from Ashley Isham, the rest of which was all bright jewel colour fabrics with bright jewel coloured embellishment *cough* cheap *cough*, *cough* tacky *cough*, excuse me I appear to be coming down with something...

Julian Smith

I helped out on Julian J Smith's show at On/Off this fashion week, it was my first time assisting a show and I learnt three things;
1. Models get naked fast and often
2. Models are late
3. Assisting at fashion shows is funnnn