Wednesday, 21 October 2009

oh my god

Tank ladies have started a blog - and they've done and put me on it...init...


Interns make the magazine world go round and ours are particularly amazing. So we thought we’d give some credit where it’s due and tell you a bit about them.

So we’ll start with Niamh. She is sort of Queen Bee of the interns. We love her because she has huge bangs, purple lipstick and this sort of weird Irish/ west country accent that makes everything sound way funny. Aside from which she’s just so goood.

In terms of fashion, what turns your head?Great trousers, a strong eyebrow and playing with proportions.

In your opinion what makes someone stylish?Confidence and effortlessness… or at least the appearance of it.I think its important to test your own comfort levels with what you wear, it helps your style grow with you.

Do you have a favourite collection for Spring 2010?Alexander McQueen for the shoes and the hair, Miu Miu for the adorable prints and Louise Goldin for stuff I want.

Shoes or Bags?Shoesss

What is your favourite beauty product?MAC Ruby Woo lipstick

What/who inspires you?My friends, blogs - especially of the street style variety, shiny new fashion magazines.

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