Monday, 17 August 2009

Who needs eyebrows anyway?

Valentino a/w '09
Miu Miu a/w '09

Givenchy a/w '09

The lima without, no. Givenchy a/w '09

much better.

See I was happy with the full brow look. I may originally have had perfect eyebrows for this before I went on a half decade tweezing tirade in which I cruely plucked from above (gasp!) and now manage to achieve only a mediocre semblance of the striking Emma Watson-esq look. But regardless I remain quite happy with a having a salvageable means of framing my face in this most aesthetically pleasing of ways. But shuddup niamh, put down the slightly colour miss matched eyebrow pencil, because fashion decrees that eyebrows are out. They have been annihilated in a ruthless attack against prettiness, with peroxide as the weapon of choice. Off the top of my head I can name three a/w '09 advert campagins alone which feature the dreaded whited-out brow and to verious levels of success. In Valentino it's demonstrated that the only way to attempt anything resembling beauty in conjunction with a bleached eyebrow is to take the smoky eye to an eighties extreme, bringing dark eyeshadow all the way up to the brow bone. In Miu Miu, the whitewash images and muted pallett of the fabrics actually make for a pretty cool look, in the context of the campaign of course. I do like how this shot features a model with more than a hint of a 'but what am I to do about my eyebrows now?' look about her. Lastly, this shot from the Givenchy campaign, whose general theme echoes the Valentino campaign closely, shows how truly damaging and bleached eyebrow can be...when it turns Adriana Lima into this, how can it ever be a good idea? No. That's right. It can't.

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  1. I love your blogs, Niamh. Yes, I am following you like a creep but you're a very interesting person and are, therefore, asking for it.
    That Miu Miu A/W '09 shot is pinned on my wall and frightens the living daylights out of my room-visitors.
    Can't say I'm a fan of the "new eyebrow". How and ever, I say this as a dark and thick-browed young one who is, indeed, addicted to plucking but not to the extent where I'd be willing to sacrifice them.
    Who knows though? Maybe we'll all be bald -browed by Winter..if this peculiar trend actually catches on. (God forbid.)