Friday, 8 May 2009

Au revoir Simone dans le Bush Hall. oui. oui. bravo. encore. oui.

After the day from hell at the Diner I gots a call from the boyf saying he'd booked tickets to see our mutual girl crush Au Revoir Simone that night at The Bush Hall. Well that done cheered me right up. Au revoir Simone are basically the definition of adorable, all long, shiny hair, nautical stripes and sweet as pie dresses; this New York trio took the biscuit of Parisian cuteness and ate it right up. And if it wasn't enough that they looked like they floated down from a cloud on a floating gondola, they make pretty music too. All keyboards and drum machines and drinking tea on stage. If I was a guy I would wanna date them. But I'm a girl so I just want them.

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