Saturday, 5 September 2009

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Elizabeth Shue ('Jordan')
My sudden intern dry spell means I have buckets of time on my hands and despite finding that altogether quite miserable it has meant that I finally got to watch Cocktail on film4 and a gem of a film called Captain Ron on channel 4 (the midday film showing for bums). Cocktail was never destined to be a fail what with my never ending 80s obsession and the only thing that made the experience any more exceptional was the wardrobe of Tom Cruise's love interest Jordan (Elizabeth Shue). Perfect. 80s. Get up. I loved literally every outfit, esp. some high-waisted pastel printed floaty harem trousers she wears on the beach with a cropped black vest. mmm love. Unfortunately there are no film stills showing her in clothes (saucy waterfall sex scene wins out on google images) so you'll have to watch the actual film to see what Im on about, but really, what are losing there?

Meadiw Sisto (far left)
Meadow far right

Meadow far right, but I also love mum's monochrome playsuit. yum.

Captain Ron was a pleasant midday surprise, the perfect trashy early 90s film about a family boat trip gone awry due to an unruly captain (uh Ron?) and here my heart was stolen by the styling of the daughter character (played by Meadow Sisto) who pulls off early 90's soft-core grunge perrrrrrfectly. Probably because it was the early 90's dur. She's all high-waisted everything (esp. denim shorts and skirts), bra tops, tied up oversized shirts, gold earrings, leather jackets etc etc. Basically embodying a look we're all tryin' right now but will never be as good at as those who did it first time round.

Marry Meadow and Elizabeth in these movies and you have every look I strive to achieve circa 2009. lovelovelove.

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