Friday, 12 June 2009

Divided Exclusive - a belated homage

There are times that I think I may be more loyal to H&M than I am to my mum. It’s always there for me when I need it most, we have a give and take relationship (I give money – I take clothes) and it definitely has a more amorous feeling about my spending habits. It’s love. So how,
on God’s good earth, have I missed the entire blogging rave about H&M’s Divided Exclusive collection? It’s only after I was browsing the long acre store (new third floor by the way, niiice) on my lunch break that I spotted the summer ’09 leg of the collection and got all shocked and excited and flustered and such. Its all dusty greys/blues, creams and pink floral, each item with a special attention paid to structure and detailing. I loved the cropped floral top but there were only size 14's left and I am not blessed with a size 14 chest so it was lost on me, instead I got the cream dress with the shoulder pads and stitched detail. Excited to wear it indeed. Did I mention this is all stupidly cheap? Not just cheap for a cool collection cheap, like H&M cheap...Niamh cheap.

So, simultaneously disappointed and inspired by my ignorance, I investigated further, and found that I didn’t have to search far or wide as the internet is literally raped by the amount of blogs on the upcoming atumn ’09 Divided Exclusive collection, to be in stores by the end of August. There literally couldn’t be more hype around it. It’s a pretty hardcore collection, with plenty of webbed knitwear, maintaining a focus on structure, especially in the dresses, and lots and lots of lovely velvet. The Skirt with the suspender belts has a particular desire to belong to me. It told me itself. Take a look see and you will understand...

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